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MegaMarketer Club exclusive area membership with proprietary customized marketing materials and unlimited support. Joining this exclusive club turbo-charges your Marketing PowerPack usage with expert on-going marketing help! You’ll get fresh new ads plus have a marketng expert coaching you along to boost your total marketing performance. Stay on the cutting edge of HVAC marketing all year long!

‘SalesTrack’ Sales Cookbook and Goal Management System (via Internet)

Sales Activity Management Systems (SAMS®) Tracks salespersons’ and technicians’ daily activity based on preset quotas in order to drive towards 100% daily productivity and sales effectiveness. Weekly, month-to-date, monthly recap, year-to-date, and annual reports for each individual as compared to the team and team total reports. A one-time fee for tailoring session, customization, personalization, R&D, menu creation, quota development, set up and personnel roll-out mtg. based on number of people on program plus weekly per report fees. The BEST sales management tool available.

The EMAIL@TACTICS Program™ Sales Training Cards – Weekly Emails on a specific sales tactic or topic with a story example, the result of not executing the tactic properly, discussion on what was done wrong/right and why, the approach to handling it properly, and a final thought on the topic. GREAT for sales meetings and weekly coaching sessions. Annual subscription.

PRESIDENT’S CLUB for SALESPEOPLE, MANAGERS, AND OWNERS: 13 Months of local ongoing training, coaching support, support books, tapers/CDs/Videos, etc.; Coaching Quickstart Training program OMG Sales Force Evaluation; Sales Goal Cookbook setup; Compensation program development; and unlimited phone and email coaching support (per person). Owner is FREE with one seat purchased.

TRIAL MEMBERSHIP PRESIDENT’S CLUB for SALESPEOPLE, MANAGERS, AND OWNERS: Two (2) month trial (per person). Owner is FREE with one seat purchased.

Sales & Marketing Insider newsletter subscription

Comanche Marketing newsletter subscription

Weekly Sales Meeting Minutes newsletter of selling tips subscription

Service Roundtable™ membership: The world's largest private contractor group. Service Roundtable™ is a program for you, the independent HVAC and/or Plumbing contractor, to achieve more prosperity. For as little as $1.64 per day, you can get the tools and guidance you and your company need to compete and be profitable in today’s market. You will gain access to an email posting network of contractors dedicated to sharing ideas, support and answers to your biggest challenges. And with hundreds of pieces of turnkey downloadable content in the areas marketing, sales, managment, administration, operations, etc. you will have the resources necessary to solve problems and capitalize on opportunities that exist in your business with items that can be implemented immediately instead of starting from scratch or "re-inventing the wheel".

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