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Are You Experiencing…

…High sales force turnover?
…Difficulty finding top performers?
…Trouble differentiating those who can sell from those who will sell?
…Frustration with costly help wanted ads, declining responses, and an ever-decreasing pool quality candidates?


With our proprietary recruiting system you'll discover those diamonds in the rough you've been overlooking.

Avoid the recruiting pitfalls that plague most companies and hire for performance. Don’t settle for mediocrity just because someone happens to know the industry.

Turnkey Recruiting Sellution

Our Proprietary Turnkey Process:

  1. Needs Analysis: A comprehensive needs analysis of the company and the position you are looking to fill and why. We learn your company history, culture, philosophy, product offerings, market, competition, pricing, customer and prospect base demographics, and sales story in order to not only attract and recruit a top performer, but also to hire the most compatible individual.
  2. Ideal Candidate Profile: We will work with you to develop a specific detailed profile of the ideal candidate you are looking for based upon your company, clients, industry, marketplace, sales cycle, products, pricing, and even competition. We identify or help define a job description to ensure complete and accurate communication of hiring and de-hiring criteria in order to maximize employee retention.
  3. Attracting Applicants: We help you gather numerous résumés and generate multiple phone solicitations through proprietary, unique, innovative and proven classified and display advertisements, which we develop and provide to you with our recommendations for placement at your expense and discretion. You may feel free to use direct mail, radio, television, Internet, or any other means by which to create interest and attract potential applicants. We can help you develop high impact solicitations for these media as well. The recruiter is not liable for a lack of response to recruitment marketing efforts. We also help you develop a pre-cruiting strategy.
  4. Telephone Interviews and Résumé Review: A skilled interviewer will screen numerous candidates via a thoro ugh review of all résumés submitted and conduct a customized telephone interview to assess candidates and determine those worthy of a face-to-face interview.
  5. Initial Interviews: We identify the best candidates (typically up to ten people per position) for a face-to-face interview where appropriate. A trained professional from our team will lead an on-site panel-style interview process coordinated with the company president and other pertinent individuals within the client company to assess if the candidates qualifying from the initial phone screening are worthy and strong candidates for further consideration. We will conduct one to two days of interviews on-site or at an appropriate area facility.
  6. Profiling: Up to four finalists per position are selected for screening and evaluation using the best state-of-the-art Sales Profiling tools available via the Internet to determine if the candidates meet the criteria for a second interview. We provide you with a copy of the profile results for all candidates whether we recommend them for a second interview or not. This screening is not a personality profile. It is a profile to determine the individual’s ability to sell and propensity to sell under all conditions they will face internally and externally in order to establish the maximum compatibility will the selling situation and client company, customers, pricing points, management style, selling strategy, market, competition etc.
  7. Second Interview: We identify the best candidates after conducting steps #4, #5 and #6, and our firm performs a second more extensive interview with all appropriate members of your firm and the candidate. This can be conducted on site or via a phone conference (expenses to attend an on-site second interview are not included in this agreement).
  8. Reference and Background Checks: We perform cursory reference checks since typically candidates will not offer bad references, and previous employers share very little information. We recommend our clients conduct extensive background checks including: employment history verification; pre-employment physicals; drug-screens; and criminal background, credit history, and motor vehicle inquiries. All candidates’ backgrounds should be meticulously explored and authenticated. Further, we also recommend employers conduct their usual battery of pre-hire tests, profiles, and screenings. We respectfully request a copy of the results for our records, which we will keep in the strictest confidence. We are not responsible for negligence on your part if a candidate resigns or is de-hired for your failing to conduct these inquires before hiring. If a candidate fails to pass these inquiries prior to hiring, we will replace that candidate at no charge.
  9. Recommendation and third interview (optional): We recommend and refer for your evaluation up to three candidates for an optional third interview with you and/or all the appropriate members of your company. We will brief you objectively with our findings up this point in the recruiting process and explain each profile in order to expedite your interview process, while not allowing for bias. We can participate in this interview on site (expenses to attend an on-site third interview are not included in this agreement) or via a conference call at your request. Upon completion of your interviews, we will discuss your determination and recommend our ideal selection. You are then free to make your selection based upon our final recommendation.
  10. Interview coaching: We can coach you on how to conduct an effective and efficient interview, if you are not comfortable with the interviewing process, and provide a copy of our Sales Management manual to provide a turnkey recruiting, training, coaching, goal setting, tracking and management system.
  11. The Offer: Once you make your selection, we work with you to develop a written offer of employment; compensation and benefits that fits both candidate and client needs and drives all parties to meet desired objectives. The employment, compensation and benefits package is designed and structured to yield individual performance and productivity while allowing for a learning curve and growth to protect the company’s assets and candidate’s integrity, lifestyle, confidence, and security.
  12. Courtesy Correspondence: We send a congratulatory and confirming letter to the candidate(s) selected for hire and place courtesy calls and/or send emails to all candidates that are not selected for hire.
  13. Coaching and training evaluation: Once the selected candidate accepts the offer, passes your health and background inquiries, and has a scheduled work start date, we upgrade the Sales Screening Profile to a Sales Management Evaluation Profile. This is your coaching and training blueprint to molding your candidate into a productive and successful contributor.
  14. Training agenda: We provide a recommended training curriculum for all new hires designed specifically for the individual hired based upon the recruiting process and Sales Management Evaluation Profile. Further, we can provide the necessary training and coaching services in order to increase the likelihood of a successful hire and maximize the candidate’s performance and productivity. Inquire about our educational services and matching guarantees.
  15. Our EXCLUSIVE Ultimate Guarantee: All hires are guaranteed up to 180 days from the date of hire and replaced FREE of charge if they are de-hired for non-performance or non-productivity other than for a lack of leads. Ask for details on our exclusive guarantee.

Stop gambling away your companies reputation, customers, and potential business by playing "Recruiting Roulette" and continuing to recruit, hire and train poor to marginal performers and allow us to help you find top producers.

Investment Terms:

The fee is charged per position with a 50% retainer due upon acceptance of this agreement and balance due upon your selection and offer acceptance by each candidate. Fee includes expenses for all phone, fax, email, copying, supplies, Sales Screening Profiles (4) and Evaluation upgrades (1) incurred by recruiter during the process to hire one individual. Multiple hires will result in an additional fee and expenses even if they candidates are hired from the same pool of candidates during the same process.

Costs associated with placing recruiting ads or utilization of web-based recruiting services; travel, lodging, and meals incurred; legal fees and related costs of any type at any time; background and health inquiries; internal recruiting tools, processes and assessments; client company personnel time; and related recruiting costs are the responsibility of the client. All training and coaching services are not included as part of your investment in this agreement. Client agrees to reimburse recruiter within ten (10) days of invoice for all travel, lodging, meals, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred during the recruiting process upon submission of an expense report and invoice.

Terms & Conditions:

We suggest you consult your legal counsel to ensure you and your company comply with all state and federal recruiting and employment laws. We are not liable for candidates with whom you failed to meet your legal obligations, nor can we be a liable party to any legal matter that may arise because of illegal recruiting infractions on the part of any member of the client company or after hiring by either the client company and/or the candidate.

The services included in the agreement are set forth in their entirety in the above context. No other services, express or implied, are included as part of the work scope or investment amount.

Your acceptance of the agreement means you intend HVAC Sellutions to act as an agent on behalf of your company for the sole and express purpose of recruiting a Residential Replacement Sales Professional for your company.

Once the process has begun there are no refunds or partial credits. If the client terminates the process at any time, recruiter bears no further responsibility for services or financial consideration to client. If the process has progressed to the point that recommendations for hire are made, and the client decides to terminate the process without making a hiring decision, the client agrees to pay the recruiter 50% of the remaining balance due. If the client rejects three (3) consecutive recommendations for hire, the recruiter reserves the right to terminate this agreement with no further obligation, and the client agrees to pay the recruiter 50% of the remaining balance due. All retainers are due payable in full prior to any recruiting services being provided.

This recruiting agreement is binding and irrevocable. Should the client seek to circumvent the recruiting process once begun and its financial obligations as contracted under this agreement, cancel the process once commenced, and/or attempt to hire any candidates that were involved in any aspect of the recruiting process, the recruiter reserves all legal rights, remedies and sanctions against client to the fullest extent of the law to recover fees, expenses, incidental and consequential damages, lost opportunity, wages, fees, and all other financial considerations.

Results-Driven Individual Recruiting Services:

Recruiting Marketing: Turnkey proven and proprietary ads and letters customized to your needs. Include placement strategy

Recruiting System: A complete recruiting solution. Our proprietary process for handling initial inquiry calls, phone screens, face-to-face interviews, sales screenings, job offer letter, non-hire letter, compensation recommendation, training agenda, unlimited phone and email support. Includes interview questions for all 3 phases; scoring process and tracking spreadsheets for keeping score of each individual and ensuring compliance to the process to yield effective results.

Interview Sales or Sales Manager Candidate via Phone: A 60-90 min. phone interview, résumé review, assessment, management feedback, and hiring recommendation.

Express Sales Screen: Access to a customized web-based sales screening profile designed to yield best-qualified candidate that not only can sell, but also will when faced with personalized adverse conditions. Includes a 15-page report and hiring recommendation and a 60 min. conference call management review consultation. This document is not to be shared with the candidate.

Hiring Evaluation: Upgrade sales screening to a full evaluation and coaching tool upon hiring, which will be reviewed with management and the candidate in a 60-minute conference call. May also be used on all current sales staff, sales managers, and non-professional salespeople such as technicians and telemarketers.

Turnkey Recruiting Service for Salspeople, Sales Managers and Sales Coordinators: Includes recruiting marketing ads and materials, direct mail letters, and other recruitment marketing creative development and placement assistance; résumé screening; phone interviews; on-site face-to-face interviews; access to web-based sales screen/profile tools (up to 4 screens); sales evaluation and coaching report for hired candidate; initial training recommendations; job description and compensation plan development assistance and tools along with a three year projection of initial expectations for sales, closing ratios and personal income; development of a pre-cruitment strategy in order to save time and money for future hires; access to all screening proprietary screening tools and techniques; management interview coaching to enhance ability to conduct an effective and thorough interview; and unlimited management support throughout entire process (costs to market for position are the responsibility of the company). Our EXCLUSIVE 90-day guarantee on candidate placement success.

Turnkey Recruiting & Support: same as above with one year remote coaching and management support for the sales manager and salesperson. Our EXCLUSIVE 120-day guarantee on candidate placement success.

Turneky Recruiting, Support & Initial Training: same as above with one year remote coaching and management support, initial 5 days of HVAC/IAQ technical and sales training, access to a client for up to 5 days of onsite ride-along training in the field with successful professionals, 3 days of ride-along coaching, and our proprietary sales tools and sales performance tracking software. Our EXCLUSIVE placement success guarantee extends to a full six (6) months or 180 days! YOUR BEST VALUE.

Salesperson Recruiting, Hiring, and Training Quickstart System: Everything you need to know to hire a superstar salesperson on your own. Includes the recruitment process and marketing ads; initial screening process and questions; phone interview process and questions; face-to-face interview process; selection criteria; thank you letters; job offer and welcome letter; compensation recommendations; initial expectations and goals; initial training agenda; and more including recruiting scorecard software program and access to our exclusive web-based sales screening profile to ensure you pick a candidate that CAN and WILL sell based on your company structure, marketplace, pricing, competitive profile, etc.

Overall Sales Team and Sales Manager Evaluation: A complete evaluation of each salesperson and the Sales Manager along with a thorough analysis of the entire team dynamic with a detailed Executive briefing manual and coaching CD-ROM with specific comments from OMG.


Services include retained searches and placement for Salespeople, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Sales Coordinators, Call Takers/Customer Care Representatives and Proactive Lead Generators (i.e. Call Makers or Telemarketers).

Call or email for an investment schedule or quote to fit your specific needs. Customized sellutions available. Inquire for details.

Job Placement Services:

FOR SALESPEOPLE: We have clients all over the North America as well as website members that we know firsthand that run fantastic companies and are always looking to upgrade and/or add to their talented teams.  If you are looking to break into the industry, relocate, or switch companies looking for a better fit or opportunity, give us a call or send us an email.  We can have a brief no cost, no obligation CONFIDENTIAL conversation about what you are looking for and mutually determine the best course of action to proceed.  Ultimately, if we help place you we will invoice the hiring company for our services.  You owe us nothing!

FOR CONTRACTORS: We are regularly contacted by top performing salespeople looking to break into the industry, relocate, or switch companies looking for a better fit or opportunity.  If you are in need of a high-caliber candidate, give us a call or send us an email.  We can have a brief no cost, no obligation conversation about your needs now or for the future and determine the best course of action to proceed.  Ultimately, your only investment will be if you hire a candidate we recommend.


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