Advanced Sales Performance Enhancement Training

Discovery vs. Closing Academy: Advanced training on closing more sales at higher margins. Learn how to avoid objections and eliminate your competition and win jobs when you are $1500+ higher than your nearest competitor. You walk away with the ability to shift the mix of products sold to high-end equipment.

Advanced Sales Awareness Training (Residential or Commercial): Presentation; customer discovery vs. closing and overcoming objections; role-play; problem solving; conceptual, philosophical and sales awareness training. Designed to allow your salespeople truly understand the selling process and everything around it to achieve True Total Sales Awareness so that they continue to develop on their own without much hands-on or hand holding management. “Geared for Growth.” This is an interactive course for seasoned professionals that want to put the spark back into selling and huge lift in their personal income. Intense role-play and group interaction to maximize impact. If you don’t have Sales Awareness, you will never grow beyond your current state of mind. We will take you outside your comfort-zone to a higher plateau.

Advanced Sales Effectiveness – Sales effectiveness coaching designed to develop your sales intuition to make selling second nature and natural. Mindless Selling and Selling On Auto-Pilot would be the best way to describe this session. You will learn a lot about selling, communication, people, psychology and yourself, and have fun and a few laughs while learning.

"Quit Quoting and Start Selling" Learn how to stop proposing and begin closing sales you have been losing. Stop giving away your knowledge, expertise, and “proposals” as an "unpaid consultant" and start winning the business you deserve. You will begin developing mutually beneficial relationships with your clients and understand why you are losing business, and how to eliminate your competition on every job legally and ethically, and start winning more often. Create a customer bond for life and remove the "mutual mystification" that stops most sales from taking place. Do yourself, your company, and your customers a favor and stop using the ineffective, antiquated, traditional selling techniques and scripts, and start allowing customers to discover the benefits of doing business with you. Customers buy on emotion and make decisions logically. Learn how to get out of their way, and your customers will buy from you instead deciding not to. If you are not closing 50-75% of your leads, then you will not want to miss this session. Get serious about increasing your closing ratio, average sale, profit margin and personal income. This information is not available anywhere else on the planet, so show-up and become wildly successful!

“Sell more - sell more easily, more quickly to more clients. Guaranteed!”: An overview of a selling system designed to make any salesperson more effective and efficient, and keep them in control of the sales call at all times. Teaches salespeople how to play the role of quarterback (in the game) and offensive coordinator (above the game developing strategy and watching play for strengths, weaknesses and opportunities) for maximum results.

Referral and Self-Lead Generation: Learn how to effectively create low-cost, high quality leads. Create ambassadors, get introductions, target streets, communities and zip codes around existing customers in order to increase closing ratios, lower marketing costs, stimulate lead flow when lead flow dips, increase average sale and overall revenue.

Marketing, Planning, Budgeting, and Program Development and Scheduling: Develop a dynamic and integrated marketing plan, budget and calendar of events for every marketing medium broken down by month. We provide the software program to develop the program and track results to drive sales performance. Includes program disk.

Financing 101: Sell more, sell more easily with higher average tickets, higher margins, and increased closing ratios. Learn the basics of financing and how to remove every price objection imaginable. Break through any negative thoughts associated with financing and interest rates. Grasp the concepts that make understanding these “convenient and flexible investment plans that make owning a new comfort easy and affordable.” Eliminate your competition and justify a $1500 price difference between your company and a lower priced competitor. Understand the difference between cost, price, investment, value, return on investment, payback, affordability, and budget, and learn how to neutralize the ten misconceptions of investing in a new comfort that stop 50-70% of consumers from making a purchase decision, and why you are losing business if you are not financing at least 60% of your jobs.

Technician Motivational and Sales Excellence: One full day of personal motivation to inspire your employees (great for all employees and spouses) to aspire to a greater standard of performance and living for themselves and their families. When they work for themselves the results are greater and long-term unlike most training. Day two shows them how to achieve higher levels of success with powerful and effective techniques that are easily learned and executed. Tools for techs are optional.

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