Training, Coaching, Consulting, and Speaking Terms and Fee Information

Multi-Day Per Inclusive Week Discount of 10% or 5th Day Free

Note: All courses can be customized to meet demands and time requirements.

All fees are structured so that results pay for your investment within less than 120 days. Also, the savings are tremendous and the overall bottom line impact to your company significant with a commitment of 3 months or more.

We are not a “jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none” or one size fits all training, consulting, so-called “Better Practices” group or business development support network. We offer tailor-made customized solutions for your most difficult marketing, sales, sales recruiting, coaching, HVAC and sales training, sales management, business development and operational needs.

Custom packages or training programs to fit any occasion or timeframe are available upon request. Allow us to design a program or package for your specific needs in order to take advantage of multiple services, economies of scale, and compound discounts.

20% Discount available on all products (except software) during training or consulting sessions, and extended to future training sessions signed up for and scheduled (and/or reserved with deposit) while under consulting retainer.

Our training programs will save you time and money and actually help you *MAKE PILES OF MONEY IN A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME!

We offer customized micro-topic sessions, which are ideal for breakout sessions or workshops for manufacturer dealer meetings, conventions, association meetings, quarterly training meetings, breakfast meetings, networking mixers, ACCA MIX group gatherings, better practices group meetings, etc.

On-site programs can be at your location or an area meeting facility (expenses for facility paid for by client) with an unlimited number of participants from any number of companies. The cost of the manuals will be billed in addition to the course fees based on the number of attendees, and can be invoiced separately for multi-company functions with equal shares of course fees and expenses broken out for each company along with the applicable number of manuals.

Course attendance fees include tuition, manual, materials, and refreshments at breaks. Travel, lodging, and meals are not included. Scheduled courses are offered regionally periodically and as requested in response to demand. A good way to generate a regional course offering is to facilitate the offering in your region or have your equipment distributor or local ACCA chapter sponsor and facilitate a course. In either case, if you are instrumental in bringing a course to your region, we will gladly discount or waive the attendance fee for you and/or your staff depending upon overall course attendance and/or your role in making the class materialize.

Above on-site courses will be discounted for Coaching Agreement and/or Action Plan Clients according to the per day investment listed for training times the number of days the course runs, plus expenses and course materials. Course attendance will also discounted 20% for those clients.

Course content is constantly being modified and enhanced to stay current with the latest trends in HVAC, IAQ, Sales, Marketing, Customer Care, and Technological Developments. As a proponent of the philosophy that one-time impact training can have a significant affect on short-term productivity, it may not yield long-term sustained results, and rather that continuous education is the way to achieve such results, we suggest that participants attend multi-day courses at least twice within 18 months to receive maximum benefit of the material presented. To this end, we offer repeat attendees a two-year window in which they can re-attend the course at a 50% discount of their original fee. Beyond two-years the discount would not apply, as the course content may be so dramatically modified as to prohibit a learning extension, as much as it would result in new learning of different material.

Lastly, we offer multi-course attendees progressive discounts on each class reserved with a deposit and group discounts for multiple attendees to Scheduled Courses. Inquire at time of reservation for applicable discounts and ask about our current promotions.

ATTENTION: Agendas and schedules assume participation and uninterrupted focus at time of execution. Delays caused by the operation of the business, customers, co-worker attitudes, co-worker interruptions and/or absences may result in additional time and costs, and is not included in any agreements or this fee schedule, and will be billed additionally.

*** Available for Keynote Speaking Engagements ***

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

HVAC Sellutions looks forward to being Your ANSWER For Maximum Sales Performance

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