Introductory & Intermediate Sales Training

Fundamental Sales Training (Residential or Commercial): Qualifying & upfront contracts, presentation, system application, pricing & positioning, technique, customer care, cost vs. investment, financing, return on investment, discovery vs. closing and overcoming objections, eliminating competition, and helping customers understand the True Total Investment and Cost of Ownership. A grass roots course for beginners or those that have never had formalized sales training, not matter how long they have been selling. You will definitely increase your income with this course.

Introduction to Sales and Selling Skills: The Home Comfort Expert role, Extreme Excellence, The Core Competencies of A Successful Salesperson, Rules of Selling, Knowing your competition

Basic Selling Skills: The Keys to Considering Replacement, The sales process and presentation, The sales flowchart, The “Upfront Contract”, Conducting the Comfort Survey, Presentation, Numbers justification, Closing, Handling Objections, The Post Sell, and Generating Referrals

Advanced Selling Skills: Explaining the “True Total Investment and Cost of Ownership”, Handling objections, Price justification, Building Perceived Value, Referrals and Self-Generated Leads, Effective Prospecting, Self-Marketing, and Quality Control and Customer Happiness Assurance. Heavy role-playing, class interaction, participation and discussion.

Sales Awareness: The Art and Science of Selling Teaching the Principles, Concepts, Philosophy and Psychology of Ultra Successful Sales, Excellence in Customer Care, Explaining Why Salespeople Fail and What To Do About It

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