Sales Management Training

Introductory Sales Management: Systematic Sales Management: This course addresses the contractor's need to create and manage a top-performing sales force. We will cover Management basics; Salesperson identifying, recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, training, compensating, coaching, managing, goal setting, performance tracking & reporting. You get step-by-step processes, procedures, tracking forms, reports, checklists, etc. This class is fantastic for the owner, General Manager, Sales Manager, person being newly appointed to management or person facilitating the role of Sales Manager or if you are looking to establish and/or grow a dynamic high-powered sales force. Service Manager's and Human Resource people will also gain a tremendous amount of insight.

You are guaranteed to learn things about recruiting, hiring, training, and managing salespeople that you have never heard before and that no one else will tell - BUT THAT YOU MUST KNOW TO BE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL AND PROFITABLE.

Sales Management is the one area in your company in which you can have the largest immediate and explosive impact for little or no additional cost, yet it tends to be the most overlooked area in every contracting business. Show up and become enlightened to not only what you have been missing, but also what you never knew was possible.

Advanced Sales Management: Coaching, role-playing, leadership, compensation, incentive plans, infrastructure and system design, policies and procedures, business plans, budgeting, pricing, negotiating w/ manufacturers, time mgt., advanced training for salespeople, lead tracking, marketing budget/plan/creation, manpower needs, "Total Sales Awareness", profit & loss statements, reporting, etc. Perfect for the Sales Manager that wants to grow the department to the next level and automate the day-to-day operations.

Residential Replacement Pricing For Profits: How to formulate replacement and add-on system offerings that cover all your direct costs and overhead while matching your financial statements and profit objectives. A must if you want to make money is sales and not compete with your bottom-feeding competitors. Beware, not for the faint of heart. We will make you re-evaluate who you are and where you want to be as a company. Includes software files.

Operations: Tool lists, skill requirements, inventory & truck stock, scheduling, installation instructions, quality control, customer care, customer happiness checks & communication feedback, employee checklists for maximum productivity. For the company or Operations manager looking to standardized key systems and procedures to make day-to-day management easy. Customizable turnkey systems to fit all.

Indoor Air Quality Marketing, Sales And Operations: Marketing and lead generation; Selling duct cleaning and indoor air quality-related products and services; compensation for salespeople and technicians; managing the workload; etc. For the company for salesperson looking to start an IAQ department or looking for sustained growth and profitability.

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