Sales Software Training

Introductory Elite Software Training: Any software program. Learn how to use the industry’s best software programs as selling tools to close more sales, gain more customers, and sell higher margin systems. Includes preset software templates for telling stories.

Advanced Elite Software Training: Any software program. Learn how to utilize these powerful programs as sales tools in front of the customer on your way to higher closing ratios and average sales tickets.

Elite Software Refresher: Any software program. A good opportunity to learn the latest features of the programs and how to automate your selling process. Includes software templates.

EPA Energy Star HVAC Investor Software Training: An in-depth look at how to use this software-based sales tool to communicate the benefits associated with Energy Star rated HVAC equipment. Share information related to the energy savings, economic feasibility, financial investment sense, value proposition, affordability, and comfort that a customer will realize with their investment in high-efficiency equipment.

Computer-Enhanced Selling & Sales Tools Training: Learn to use the computer as a sales tool to yield greater productivity and maximum sales effectiveness. Only for those companies that have a selling system and flat-rate replacement pricing in place. (We can help develop these systems if you don’t have them in place).

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