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Sales Effectiveness - Understanding Why Salespeople Fail and What To Do About It.

A thought-provoking program designed to allow salespeople truly understand what selling is and is not in order to develop their Total Sales Awareness (a salesperson’s 6th sense) while honing their sales intuition to make selling feel more natural and less like a process. Salespeople will walk away with a better understanding of communication, people, psychology as they relate to sales and have a more clear picture of their own personal strengths and weaknesses and how they affect their performance.

What You Learn:

  1. Quit quoting and start selling: Stop proposing and begin closing sales you have been losing. Stop giving away your knowledge, expertise, and “proposals” as an "unpaid consultant" and start winning the business you deserve. You will begin developing mutually beneficial relationships with your clients and understand why you are losing business.
  2. Eliminate your competition on every sales call legally and ethically, and start winning more often with a simple and subtle, yet highly effective technique most salespeople overlook and remove the "mutual mystification" that stops most sales from taking place.
  3. Create a customer bond for life. Do yourself, your company, and your customers a favor and stop using the ineffective, antiquated, traditional selling techniques and scripts, and start allowing customers to discover the benefits of doing business with you. Customers buy on emotion and make decisions logically. Learn how to get out of their way, and your customers will buy from you instead deciding not to.
  4. Become a more effective and efficient salesperson by learning how to stay in control of the sales process at all times. Learn how to play the role of quarterback (in the game) and offensive coordinator (above the game developing strategy and watching play for strengths, weaknesses and opportunities) for maximum results.
  5. You will learn how to immediately increase your closing ratio, average sale, profit margin and personal income. This information is not available anywhere else on the planet, so show-up and become wildly successful!

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