HVAC Sellutions’ Customer Bill of Rights

  1. To enjoy a positive and rewarding experience with our website, products, services, associates, affiliates and partners.

  2. To understand the value of the products and services included in any purchase and how to realize the maximum benefit for such purchase.

  3. To receive a level of service that provides for revenue growth and profit enhancement when the information, products and services HVAC Sellutions provide are implemented, executed, acted upon, monitored and staff held accountable to performance, which will help protect the good name and reputation of our client companies and ensure their customers’ satisfaction for as long as they remain a client in good standing.

  4. To receive customized support and feedback based upon calls, emails, site visits, and/or seminar/event attendance that enhances the overall service experience and results realized by being a client.
  5. To do business with confidence in a safe and secure environment

    Your credit/debit card is safe and secure with HVACSellutions.com:

    Whenever you use your credit/debit card to pay your monthly membership fee or for other purchases on HVACSellutions.com, you're protected:

    Once you create a member account at HVACSellutions.com, you can sign in securely to HVACSellutions.com and all your transactions are protected by powerful Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. From the minute you make a purchase on HVACSellutions.com, the credit card you use for the purchase is protected from unauthorized charges.  SSL encrypts your credit card number, name, address, email address and telephone number before they travel over the Internet.

    Your company information, issues, needs, and proprietary documents will not be shared or used in any manner outside HVAC Sellutions’ dealings with your company without your express permission.  If you agree to share any information, you will be informed of HVAC Sellutions intentions for such use, and be given the right to confirm or deny such use.

    Your questions and feedback are for our eyes only and will be shared with internal exclusively to ensure your continued satisfaction and loyalty.
  6. To only receive the Email communication level of your choice

    As a registered HVACSellutions.com member, you can choose to receive occasional e-mail alerting you to special promotions, new site content updates, marketing and sales tips, our newsletter and other helpful information.  It's our way of making sure you get all information you want and/or need to be effective and efficient as possible in your business operations.  You can select the level or email service you like either by notifying us via email or in your member account settings.

    We will SPAM your email account, sell your address or share it with affiliates or partners without your express consent.

    To discontinue any element of the periodic email service, login, go to the My Account page and click Update e-mail setting. Clear the checkboxes offering the e-mail service(s) from which you wish to unsubscribed and click Accept these changes at the bottom of the page. You can sign up for e-mail service again at any time by revisiting this page and selecting these checkboxes.
  7. To be listened to and understood.

    We welcome your comments and suggestions about what we can do to improve HVACSellutions.com and our other services. In keeping with our mission to be the most trusted and easy-to-do-business with while being recognized as the residential contracting services industries’ preeminent marketing and sales development organization, we are constantly working to add new and easy-to-use website features, products, services, support, packaged options, timely industry news, effective tools, and educational information.

    As we add content and make enhancements to the site and expand our service offerings, we'll let you know about it. Check back regularly and see how we're doing.  We will strive to earn your continued confidence as the industry's #1 sales and marketing support resource. 

    Email us your comments or suggestions for making HVACSellutions.com even better. We read every customer e-mail and will respond within by no later the end of the next business day.

    Let us know how we can further assist you in your endeavors.

    Questions/Comments? Contact us at 1-888-621-7888 or customercare@hvacsellutions.com.
  8. To provide the support our customers want and need

    HVACSellutions.com customer care agents are ready to help you with any HVACSellutions.com website concerns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you need help, email us, use the Webmaster link at the bottom our any site page, or our use our toll-free number to contact us regarding your concerns or support issues.  We will respond to your concerns and questions usually within a few hours and no later than by the end of the next business day.  You may speak to a representative personally by calling us at 1-888-621-7888 or 1-610-388-0822. Agents will address any questions or concerns you may have about your HVACSellutions.com purchases or website issues.  Click on the Contact Us page to send us an email or email us directly at customercare@hvacsellutions.com.
  9.  To be the best industry resource for marketing and sales information

    We will provide accurate, timely, insightful, educational and continually updated information.  Rest assured as the Internet changes the marketplace and consumers continue to become savvier and educated in the buying habits, we will adapt the content of this site and our training and onsite services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers for quality, up-to-date, real-world marketing, sales, sales management and business development information. We want our clients and members to have the right and best information and technology available to maximize their performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

    If you believe the HVAC Sellutions Network has not met these commitments, please notify us via e-mail at customercare@hvacsellutions.com.  We will make every commercially reasonable effort to determine and correct the problem promptly and ensure a continued rewarding customer experience.

Thank you for choosing HVAC Sellutions as your sales growth support network.  Your investment and confidence in our resources will launch you toward your desired level of success. 

Remember, excellence is separated from mediocrity and failure by action.  Make it so.  ENGAGE!

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