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Below are some responses to the more frequently asked questions (FAQs) we receive.  If you don’t find the question or response you are looking for, please feel free to call us at 1-888-621-7888 or email us directly at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Members Only area?

Membership has its privileges…

Our Members Only area is a secure area for our valued site members and consulting clients where you can gain access to some of the contracting industry’s cutting edge tools and resources right on your computer.

Membership Privileges

A membership to provides you instant access to:

  • The Ultimate Sales Report.  Track the individuals’ and overall team performance daily, monthly and annually.  Track your month-to-date and year-to-date pace and make the necessary course corrections.
  • Price for Profit.  Our proprietary pricing method ensures you cover direct costs, overhead, sales compensation, and profit objectives by the hour.  We use this method to drive 20%+ net profits for our consulting clients.
  • New articles on marketing, advertising, sales, selling, sales management, operations, etc. from our esteemed panel of leading industry experts.
  • Tons of downloadable tools and resources that will be instrumental in helping you achieve your desired level of success.
  • A subscription to our periodic newsletter that is loaded with content to drive performance
  • Periodic marketing and sales tips – Why wait for a newsletter or an article to get the help you need when we will provide tips from our everyday experiences in the field.  We will only tip you when we have something valuable to say.
  • Unlimited email coaching support – Ask your questions as they arise and get timely help you need from our team of experts
  • And much more!

Subscribe today and get all this and more for one low monthly investment. Join now using our secure online order form.

Why should I join?

Maybe you shouldn’t.

I know this response may surprise you, but really it shouldn’t.

This is not a magic or silver bullet solution.  There are no “get rich quick” answers.  If that’s what you are looking for, I am sure you can find many late-night infomercials that will make those empty promises and even some of our very own industry organizations and gurus claiming to be all things to all people.

We are not arrogant or delusional enough to believe that what we have to offer is right for everyone, will work for everyone, or is the only way to achieve results.

We are not a one-size-fits-all organization and we do not go outside our area of expertise just to make a dime.  We don’t want to earn your business today only to lose you as a customer tomorrow when we can’t meet your expectations.  

We know that what we have to offer will work for those that are committed to excellence and success and follow through on their commitments for the long-term.  We are confident that our tools, resources, systems, training, coaching, and consulting will provide the answers you need when you empower your people (the right people) to drive results and hold them accountable to execution.

If you want to know if we are a fit for your needs, just call or email us and you can be sure we’ll provide an honest answer.  Rest assured that if we are not a fit, we’ll say so and refer you to the proper individual or entity.  GUARANTEED!

How is HVAC Sellutions different from other web-based membership site?

There is NO FLUFF!

All our content is exactly what we use with our onsite consulting clients, which is real world, time-tested, constantly updated and proven to work.  We work onsite all over the country, in various markets, and dealing with all types of contractors and their customers directly with our consulting services and bring over what we learn from the trenches to our website members.

We surf the universe of industry, marketing, sales and sales management information to gain our education to develop and deliver content that is relevant to our philosophies and principles to meet the needs and requests of our clients and members.  We are relentless in our pursuit of knowledge and resources so that we may offer the latest cutting-edge information and tools to our members and differentiate our offering from our web-based content providers.

Is the site filled with a bunch of irrelevant information just to load the site with content?

NO!  Again, there is NO FLUFF!

We do not offer content from other people or groups that have free sharing sites just to pump up the volume of content (our clients have told us that doing so waters down the value of our service, provides conflicting messages, and makes searching for what they want cumbersome).  We feel less is more and all that is needed when it’s the RIGHT content, tools, and resources.  And less is certainly more efficient and effective.

Where does the content from and who creates the content?

Our downloadable content is created by our team of experts and our network of associates, affiliates, and partners exclusively or is shared via our members with their permission.  We continuously add content, as well as modify and revise existing content to stay current and keep it fresh with business evolution and market changes.

The articles on the site are authored in real time by our team of experts and our network of associates, affiliates, and partners and dated to reflect such.  They are no derived from a library of archaic material.  You will find timely and pertinent information.  In fact, if there is a subject you would like us to discuss, submit your request via email and we will respond with a private email response or pen an article in response if we deem your topic relevant.

Rest assured that we scour the world of print and electronic media and belong to several of the leading industry, marketing, sales and sales management organizationtions and are paying members on a variety of websites and subscribe to quite a few print and electronic publications.  This network of resources provides the foundation for our education to supplement our experience, and field knowledge.  Our members benefit from this network in that we gain access and permission to use and/or customize proprietary content from other providers or pay them to create or allow our members use of suc protected content and we ONLY bring you the best of the best after we have filtered and modified the content to meet the needs of our industry and members unlike other sites which just load unfiltered and non-relevant content from free sharing websites.

We are not saying you cannot find value in that content, but our members and clients request that we keep site respources pertinent to their needs and timely, and not fill our site with unfiltered stuff from other people or entities that does not meet their needs or is not approached from an industry perspective to help them "connect the dots".

Is the content and information practical?

The content on this site IS NOT our version of Shangri-La or some Utopian or Nirvana-based attempt of what a bunch of people that have not been in the field for 15 years think might work.  We know this stuff works because our client use it everyday and we have the statistics to prove it.  You will learn not only from industry experts, but also some of the best trainers, consultants, coaches and companies in the country and learn how to avoid many of the mistakes we see contractors make everyday.  Plus, any of our clients would be happy to discuss there results with you and provide a glowing recommendation first hand.

In fact, many of our clients visit each other offices and begin a client communication and idea exchange networking relationship outside of our services and we encourage them to do so.  Camaraderie and competition as well as troubleshooting and encouragement stem from such relationships.

Can members share information?

Our members are free to send us content to share with the membership base.  Just send us your content.  We’ll make sure it’s a format that can be shared by all members and is appropriate to our members.  We will give you full credit for your submission and have a monthly drawing for a free month’s member fees for the best idea we receive as determined by our team of experts.

How is HVAC Sellutions different from better practice groups, associations or member organizations?

HVAC Sellutions focuses exclusively on our area of expertise and what we have a passion for providing...High-powered marketing, sales and sales management content.  We are not a jack-of-all-trades, one-size-fits-all, or only answer for all your needs.  We work with and recommend other experts and organizations to members and clients all the time and have networking solutions that we can offer consulting clients.

Can I belong to other groups or membership sites?

Yes.  We encourage it and have affiliations with several ourselves.  Contact us and we can provide a recommendation for which group would be the best fit for you and/or company.

How much does it cost?

Your membership is more an investment than it is a cost.  For a small $79 monthly fee you will gain complete access with no strings attached.  No surprises.  One fee for everything no matter what.  We don’t offer tiered membership of charge extra fees if you have multiple areas of interest.

Is there an application of sign-up fee?

NO!  Your monthly fee gets you started and keeps you going.

Why would you offer so much for such a small fee?

We have a ton of content in our archives that we use with consulting clients and much of which goes unused.  We also know we cannot serve everyone that wants to use our services due to our limited resources and because of the time or monetary commitment required of our onsite services.

Since our corporate goal is to make an industry-wide impact, we decided to leverage the Internet to help deliver our support services and make a larger impact quicker.  With no travel costs and low people power requirement, we can deliver a quality product for very little money.

Why will the HVAC Sellutions work for you?

HVAC Sellutions provides what you need when you need it.  Our content is driven by member needs and requests as well as by what our team of experts feel is relevant and required for member success based upon our many client visits and conversations. 

You will be able to easily customize the content to fit your needs and we even offer FREE consultative support

Can more than one person per company be a member?

You may have two people per account.  We figure this provides the owner and sales manager access.  You may have additional people join for only $31 per month, which will provide you a low cost benefit for Sales Coordinators, salespeople, technicians, departmental managers, call-takers/makers, etc.

What if I operate across multiple locations?

Since membership is billed based upon the number of accounts, we don’t charge extra for multiple locations.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

All material is proprietary and copyrighted by HVAC Sellutions.  You may use whatever content you wish as long as you are a paying member in good standing.  Once you quit, you must cease use of all content.

What software do I need?

All content will be supplied in the form of Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint Publisher, Access, Internet Explorer) or Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) files that can be viewed with your Adobe Reader.

Who can join?

Anyone that has an interest in what we have to offer.

How do I get started?

Click here.  You will need a major credit card. We do not accept cash or checks for membership fees.


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