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"Sellutionist" - $79 per month
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YOU WANT IT ALL! You seek enlightenment and want to achieve a total marketing mindset and sales awareness to drive individual and company performance to its maximum. Your monthly investment of $79 billed each month directly to your valid credit or debit card provides you FULL and UNLIMITED ACCESS to all site resources, many reserved exclusively for site members. You will also receive significant discounts on our others products and services (no further purchase ever required for membership). Unlimited site and resource support via email or phone (limited to no more than 15 minutes). 100% FREE for Our Coaching and Consulting Clients!

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"Student of the Game" - Free Membership
Access to Content + Free Newsletters, Marketing & Sales Tips & Special Offers

You are intrigued and want us to crack the door to the inner sanctum and bring you further into the light and provide a taste of our most prized, coveted, proprietary, copyrighted, and trademarked resources so you can learn more about driving marketing and sales performance to achieve results. 100% FREE! You must provide complete contact information to gain access select downloadable content in our secure area exclusively for registered site visitors.

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"Interested Observer" - FREE!
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You don’t want to make a commitment, and want to surf, but want to keep up with our latest and greatest happenings and insights. 100% FREE! Same access as The Surfer, but you must register your email address only to receive monthly newsletters, weekly marketing and sales tips, announcements, site updates, special offers, etc.

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"Surfer" - FREE!

You want no commitments and no strings attached. 100% FREE! No cost, no commitments, no obligations. Access to all public areas of the site without the need to register. Includes information about products, services, announcements, event information, as well as many insightful articles and news stories. You can also access some FREE downloadable tools and resources as well as Premier Partner and Recommended Third Party Resource links. Visit the site whenever you want, surf as you wish and never be contacted by anyone unless you request us to do so.

Coaching/Consulting Client
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YOU TOO WANT IT ALL, but you also want hands-on support from our team of experts to help you and your team navigate the waters and expedite your company’s journey to a greater level of achievement. In essence, you don’t want to take the stairs you’d rather take the express elevator and have a lot of the work done for you. Once we have helped you reach your goals, we will disengage at your request, thus eliminating your investment in our services, yet the success and higher revenue and profitability levels attained will sustain due to the systematic recurring results from our implemented programs and culture. Your monthly consulting retainer (mutually agreed based upon scope of work, objectives, and term of commitment) includes your FULL and UNLIMITED ACCESS to all site resources of a Sellutionist member along with access to exclusive CLIENT ONLY resources. This is where our Clients benefit from staying current with the ALL latest and greatest resources we develop along with the periodic updates and enhancements we constantly make to existing downloadable site content to stay on the cutting edge and keep it fresh and relevant. You also receive the MAXIMUM DISCOUNT on all our products and services, unlimited site and resource support via email or phone, as well as access to the entire HVAC Sellutions library of resources and network of Preferred Partner products and services for all areas of your business in order to support ownership and management even if the need is outside the scope of our Coaching/Consulting Agreement. In other words, if we have something in our library to help you solve a business problem or take advantage of an opportunity we will gladly provide you with a Sellution and our support…all you need to do is ask. Resources provided at Client Account Manager’s discretion.

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