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We will have a team of the top-performing people possessing knowledge capital and a network of the finest supporting organizations working with the best clients dedicated to excellence and success to deliver results and be recognized as the residential contracting services industries’ preeminent sales development organization.


To position our clients to gain maximum mindshare of consumer awareness and marketshare dominance utilizing our unique marketing strategy, effective sales philosophy and selling style, and proprietary sales and marketing tools and resources, while helping them to establish brand identity for ultimate sales and profitability performance.


Understand and evolve to meet and exceed client expectations 100% of the time and help them do the same for their customers.

Integrity Integration Is Integral
Only with Honesty, Character, Ethics, Trust, Honor, Allegiance, and Reliability can we inspire others to aspire by our example.

People Power
Highly competent, caring, disciplined, responsible, conscientious and dedicated with a never-ending commitment quality and excellence, teamwork and the success of our clients. Desire, outlook, and personal growth fuel a winning attitude and are paramount.

Respect Beyond Reproach
Treat each person as we would like to be treated.  Understand the value of the time and resources our clients invest and act accordingly.

Pride, Passion, Purpose and Expectation
A personal commitment to an attitude which separates Excellence from Mediocrity, yields a higher level of Success and Achievement, and will ultimately result in the realization of goals and dreams.  Always STRIVE WITH PRIDE, be Energized, Passionate, and Purposeful, have fun, and enjoy what you do.  Be the best and accept no less.  2nd place is the first loser.  Expect to win and you will win!!!

Provide solutions that drive performance while working efficiently and effectively to yield top line revenue objectives, maximize middle margins, and deliver bottom line results.


We are customer focused, leading edge business development organization that provides premium marketing, sales, sales management, and operational related solutions in a way that delivers superior, long-term results and value to our clients, associates, affiliates and shareholders.  GUARANTEED!


More than satisfied customers, which happily and freely refer us, so that we positively impact the contracting industry and the people who serve and are serviced.

The 6 P’s of A Winning Program

  1. Purpose – Without one anything else is pointless
  2. People – Recruit, hire, train, retain and coach the best people to meet the purpose
  3. Planning – Develop and action plan to drive success
  4. Productivity – Implement, execute, refine, and refocus the plan as required
  5. Performance – Results come from leaving no room for anything other than results. 
  6. Profitability – Efficient & effective use of time and resources to drive the bottom line.

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